What is true art, anyway?

This morning I received an amazing email from someone who read my column in today’s paper about poetry and art.

Hey Marcel, i just wanted to say thank you for your article today. It was the perfect read for what I am experiencing. I’ve observed over the years that the arts often get misunderstood as something that is for a separate group of people. Or far away from what each of us experience.

The truth is there is no separation between Art and each of us, as your article suggests. As a singer/songwriter myself I am constantly questioning things, trying to understand what motivates us and processing what’s around. The arts are a form of expression of all those questions that we come across, that we all carry at our core and the things that spark inspiration. I’m finding behind the to and fro of the guitar parts, beneath the foundation of groove made by the drums and bass and the melody of the keys swirling its way around the lyrics I write and sing … still those questions can be found. They are what urge me to keep searching.

To keep jotting down those phrases that resonate with me or put a song on repeat because truly there is no right answer. Just more questions to be found and more songs to be heard.


The email came from Nina Thompson from Sidewalk Empire. I love encountering new creative brains. Check them out: