Why it took so long to get you these CDs

They live in a box in my wardrobe, safe from mildew and inquisitive toddlers. However, my wardrobe also contains a portal to another world (not Narnia). Immediately upon receiving your post paid envelope (with donation, thank you very much) I went to the wardrobe to get your discs. But (and you’ve probably seen this coming already) as I grabbed the box I slipped into the other world and lost the box! I have since spent quite a few weeks trying to relocate the CDs. It hasn’t been easy because this other world is a pretty dangerous place, not like Narnia where they feed you turkish delight. No, this other world is really dangerous. I’d come home from work each night, kiss my wife and kids goodbye, then dive in for another 8 or 12 hours of mortal peril, usually getting back just in time for work again the next day. It’s been an exhausting period of my life and I didn’t want to worry you so I made up some stuff about ‘forgetting to mail the CDs’. Fortunately though, I managed to find the box, undamaged, and having defeating numerous manifestations of evil along the way, returned triumphant to send you five copies of ‘Very Lemon Water’. I hope you enjoy it. The album is now more than 10 years old.* It was recorded on a bit of a whim when a friend said to me, hey, this studio is offering a good deal, you should get some of your songs down. I said, perhaps, but I can’t afford it, and he came back with all the money that he’d rounded up from various generous people. So it was recorded on the fly and very quickly. I’m totally ashamed of some of the performances and quite happy with others. (Also the sound guy was learning the ropes; I suspect that’s why they had a deal on.) In retrospect I might have been better to spend more time on fewer songs but at the time it was just for posterity rather than a bid to conquer the world. Fortunately I’ve turned out to be quite famous in the wardrobe; as a result of all my exploits while I tried to find your CDs, I’ve become quite the hero. So I have you to thank for that, Brian. Thanks for tracking me down on Facebook and relaunching my superstar status, albeit in an alternate universe in my wardrobe. Happy listening.

* This note, which I found in my archives, is a few years old. Very Lemon Water was recorded in 1998. I’ll send it to anyone for free if they pay for postage, but you might as well just listen to it on Last FM if you’re curious.