Fake poetry

Fake poetry Let me tell you about poetry. You can’t believe anything these days. Even this poem is fake. I found it on the internet. You don’t know if that’s tr...


Look how firmly it sits on whatever glass table spans the horizon. A continent of billowing sunlight, shifting walls of explosion

Land of giants

Looking through my archives, I realised I've never posted the poems I wrote for the poet/artist collaboration I did with Timo Rannali back in 2005. So here they...

Time out

A poem from Byline 2015: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers.

Newspaper blackout

... I've discovered newspaper blackout poems. They're fun: you attack newsprint with a vivid to find the poetry almost by accident.

When is a poem a poem?

... Is poetry defined merely by when you hit the return key? That’s a great question. It’s one I’ve asked myself many times. I don’t think it’s cynical to answe...

The human conversation

... I am sitting at the piano, chatting with Beethoven. We are talking across 200 years of history. I am engaging with Beethoven’s ideas, trying to follow his l...