Rena versus the ukulele (revisited)

With an announcement that the Rena wreck is to be left on the Astrolabe reef, I was reminded of this video I made a few years ago. (If the kids are watching I recommend the family friendly version instead.)

My anger at the Rena may have cooled off a bit since the initial crisis. I’m philosophical about the wreck staying put, on the assumption that it’s not an ongoing source of pollution and that it would be even more disruptive to shift it. I had a glimpse of how hard those salvage guys worked in the early days. It’s not as simple as towing away a car that crashes into your back yard.

I view it like a health crisis or any other bad thing that happens in life; you should manage the fallout but sometimes it is more damaging to fixate on turning back time. Scars become part of us, they help us grow. We are a different community as much as the land is different after the Rena – in many ways for better as well as for worse.

All of the above is uninformed gut feeling. I haven’t read through the commisioners’ report, and it’s easy to say when it’s out of sight, out of mind.