Ministry of Ideas reborn

This is it, my new website, fresh faced and sparkly clean. With thanks to my brother-in-law Bruce who helped me set it up.

The internet is a busy place. With this new setup I’ve tried to slow things down a bit by keeping the pages as uncluttered as possible.

I’ve backdated entries to 2010, which was about when I started the original Ministry of Ideas website. There’s more content to move over but enough is here get things started. The old site is still sitting quietly minding its own business.

The main casualty of shifting over the content is that readers’ comments have been left behind.


Speaking of comments, I’ve decided not to have comments on this site. I realise that’s a very anti-internet thing to do but it’s just easier for now. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day. I do like to hear from you though, so send me an email or catch up with me on twitter.

Please let me know if you find anything broken or weird on the site so I can fix it. Or at least, so I can look at the problem, scratch my head and hope it fixes itself.

Note: If you’ve got an old browser, particularly an old version of Internet Explorer, I’m afraid the margins probably appear all over the place and everything looks ugly. That’s still out of my control at the moment; please find an up-to-date browser to enjoy the full spectrum of readability.