Local Government: The Musical

Last year we were joking in the office (I work at Tauranga City Council) about what our workplace might be like if it were an episode of Glee. Naturally I went home that night and started turning the joke into reality. This is the sort of insane thing I do to keep myself sane. I returned to work the next day with a 2 minute demo and from there it couldn’t help but evolve into something much larger. For the grumpy ratepayers among you, be assured that the 50+ hours I spent on this was done entirely in my own (and my long suffering wife’s!) time. Hard to believe I put this much effort into such a niche production. I am either a supreme nerd or a tortured genius. Who cares. My colleagues thought this was funny and that is reward enough.

Later my brilliant friend and colleague Natalie turned it into a power point presentation which we’ve since tidied up in video land. So here it is, possibly the world’s first local government musical. With nods and apologies to various sources.