In the beginning

One morning in 2002 I took my brother-in-law’s mini disc recorder to the Otumoetai Baptist Church, sat down at the grand piano and played through a series of compositions I had been writing over a number of years.

For lack of a better title, the overall work is called ‘Songs About Jesus’. That’s because at the time I was trying to work out what I thought about Jesus, and part of this journey found me writing an entire work that followed Jesus from birth to death, using text from the gospels as lyrics. It was originally inspired by being bored listening to some of Bach’s four hour long Passion. I thought, this is great but we need something a bit more modern.

Ta da!

So to my little recording session in the baptist church. It was a hasty and imperfect effort. I subsequently abandoned my ‘Songs About Jesus’ and didn’t listen to the recordings again for another eight years, at which time I realised there’s some good stuff there that I don’t actually want to lose. So I’ve started cleaning them up, adding better vocals where needed (the vocals were the worst part of the day).

Here’s the first of those compositions. This one’s instrumental. I’ve thrown in a few subtle synth tracks here and there but mostly it’s all just piano.