I liked these more than Lorde

I’ve mentioned Lorde a couple of times recently in my opinion columns because a) she’s topical and b) I genuinely enjoy her album. But just for the record, here are three other albums I enjoyed just as much or a whole lot more last year. (Yes, I still talk about music in terms of albums.)

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away

Grubby old Nick, I’ve loved him ever since I discovered his Abattoir Blues double album. I have to hide the cover of Push The Sky Away and edit out a couple of tracks for family friendly listening, but otherwise this is a gorgeous, bewitching set of songs.

2. Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood – Black Pudding

I stumbled upon Mark Lanegan via his excellent Blues Funeral which you should also check out. Black Pudding plays like a couple of mates sitting down for a late night jam session. Laid back beauty.

3. Kurt Vile – Waking On A Pretty Daze

My own description for this album is ‘stoner rock’. Long, rambling songs with droopy vocals. Cruisy, man.

In retrospect there’s a kind of minimalist theme going on here which Lorde also fits into, so maybe that’s why her stuff appeals to me at the moment. I also enjoyed Arcade Fire’s Reflektor (although not as much as I’d hoped, overall) and the new one from Sigur Ros, which, being titled in Icelandic, you always refer to as being ‘the new one’ or ‘the last one’ or ‘the one before the other one’, but never by whatever it’s actually called.

UPDATE 22 February: But wait, there’s more!

What was I thinking?! I posted the above list last night then today realized I had totally forgotten Streets of Laredo. I knew something felt incomplete. Love these guys too. They sit comfortably in my top three most frequently played albums, with Lorde and Kurt Vile bouncing around in 4th and 5th place.

Streets of Laredo | Girlfriend (Official) from Streets of Laredo on Vimeo.