How to play Dinner Dog

Sick of Eye Spy? Does Car Cricket cause too many arguments?

My 8 year old and I just invented a new car travel game on our way back from Hamilton Zoo this afternoon. Well, the game is new to us anyway. We decided to call it Dinner Dog. It’s super simple and hilariously fun. We started with one colour and worked our way up until we had built the full list.

Dinner Dog

As each oncoming vehicle passes your own car you have to say the correct word according to its colour or type as follows.

Red  = potato

Blue = sausage

Black =  chicken

White = milkshake

Grey/silver = ding dong!

All other colours = baby

Trailer = dog

Motorbike = spoon

Truck/bus/van = say the word twice, eg a black bus is chicken chicken.


Other examples:

CAR, CAR, TRUCK:  “Sausage! chicken! baby baby!”

CAR/TRAILER, CAR, MOTORBIKE, MOTORBIKE:  “Potato dog!  ding dong! spoon! spoon!”

Simple but effective. Maybe you’ve played something similiar to this (like the infamous horse game) but this was particularly fun. It’s interesting how difficult it is to associate black vehicles with chicken too, but we got quite good at it by the end of the journey.