Fat dude

Once upon a time my wife said to me, “Why it is socially acceptable to tell someone they’re skinny but it’s not socially acceptable to tell someone they’re fat?” Not long after that I saw a guy waiting in his car outside the supermarket, belly pressed up against the wheel. I drove away humming this offensive little riff to myself, which, for sheer indulgent holiday fun back in 2011, turned into a groovy little number that I once again post online for your fat funky pleasure.  

My doctor friend John is one of the few people I know who is allowed to tell someone else that they’re fat. I’m sure he has a suitable professional patter for that situation, but this song might help liven up the consultation if required.

Every single note and rhythm is my own, not a Garageband loop to be heard. My trance friend Shelmo will be proud.