Fantasies come true

Found myself in a brief twitter conversation about David Hasselhoff, triggered by this retro pic, and then learned by sheer coincidence that it’s actually his birthday today.

So here’s a very quick story from my book that seems relevant. (Happy Birthday Mr Knight!)


Fantasies come true

The day all my fantasies came true was somewhat of a disappointment. They turned up as cars from the television world of my childhood: a black trans am, an orange dodge charger, plus a couple of highway patrol motorbikes. Still totally cool, but a few decades too late.

Your heart rate indicates a notable lack of enthusiasm, the black car said to me in its distinguished gentlemanly voice.

Don’t take it personally but I’m no longer ten years old, I said. My fantasies tend to involve other things now.

What are all these cars on the lawn? called my wife from the deck. She was holding a glass of wine, wearing that blue dress everyone loves. I looked at her and realized I was already doing pretty well in the fantasy-come-true department.


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