The end of the world totally sucked. Think of those movies where aliens blow the shit out of everything, it was like that, but worse. There was no time for resistance, it was straight to business, they just turned up in their big spaceships and started melting us with horrible, silent guns. One slow sweep across the land and everyone melted. The entire human race: soup.

Although, it was kind of funny that they started in Timaru. Who knows why. They flew all the way across the galaxy and came to… Timaru. In the midst of all the melting we had to laugh at the Americans who were indignant that the aliens hadn?t gone straight to Washington D.C. It was worth getting a Sky subscription in those final moments just to see the White House journalists scratching their heads. An awful way to end the human race, but satisfying too, from that perspective.

From my book Ministry of Ideas. First published in Blackmail