Discovering I made a difference

The tall kid sat at the piano and, with no score, played the most captivating and musically assured piece of the day. We were at my 7 year old son’s end of year recital. My son was a star, obviously, as every parent’s child should be. But this tall kid was the standout.

About halfway through his performance I figured out why he seemed so familiar. I had last seen him 11 or 12 years ago; he would have been 5 years old at the time.

I approached him and his mother after the recital. I didn’t expect either of them to remember me.

“Did you start your lessons at the Technics Music Academy?”
“I did,” he said. Then a moment of recognition.“You’re … Marcel.”

I was his first keyboard tutor. “We were talking about you just the other week,” said his mum. “You were a role model. You were one of those inspirational teachers. You used to draw funny little pictures in his music books. He was devastated when you left.”

I was his tutor for less than a year. I remember him as an incredibly shy kid. He hardly said boo. I had no idea if I was connecting with him or not.

That magical moment when you realise you made an impact in someone else’s life.

Everything we do counts for something.

What a satisfying day this turned out to be.


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