Damn, I’m cool

I’m striding through a moment of cool.
Grooving to my own suave steps.
Sunlight pivots on my shades,
swings with my reflection
down the main street.
Damn, I’m cool.

Stepping with purpose
stepping with style
on my way from A to B
cardboard takeaway coffee cup tellin’ me
damn, I’m cool.

I got taste man,
I got class.
No damn plastic novelty Starbucks.
I’m a man who knows his beans
and these beans tellin’ me
damn, I’m cool.

Word for the day is nonchalance.
Word for the day is suave.
My reflection gives me the nod.
If I wasn’t me I’d wish I was.
Check that window winking at me.
See me sizzle.
Damn, I’m cool.


First published in Bravado