A portrait of the writer without a computer



A portrait of the writer without a computer 
(Ballpoint on 1B5 exercise book)

This is me scribbling in a private ocean
staining my notebook with glorious entropy.
Making, unmaking my mind.

Scratching out the evening with my pen.
Grooves and grains of the page,
a paper thin vibrato under my hand.

The lamp on the piano plants a golden circle
over black and white pointing fingers.
Fiery angels tremble against the wall.

The music of my scrawl is windswept
roller coaster weather.
A moiling sky in freefall.

I sail uncharted, no spell check,
a solitary vessel wrestling across a dark, open canvas.
Wringing the breath out of every word.

My pen swirls in its primordial mood.
Thoughts circle back on themselves.
The page is a darkening smile.


First published in Double Vision – a collusion between the verbal & the visual, edited by Jenny Argante, 2010. This was written in response to the above painting by artist Dave Roy called Abraxas and the White Angel. I gave him the poem Nuts and he produced an excellent painting in response called Rigor Mortis in E Minor.